Hertz Ride - High-end motorcycles for rent

Hertz Ride offers high-end BMW motorcycles for rent in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and the USA.

We target a group that enjoys new experiences and new products to lead the trend phenomenon. Adventurous, Passionate and Bold, Hertz Ride has to be perceived as a lifestyle icon.

Passionate: Hertz Ride is passionate about life and loves to inspire positive energy.

Engaging: Hertz Ride is authentic and reliable. It’s straightforward and likeable.

Energetic: Hertz Ride is active, adventurous, continuously moving and never static.

Inspiring: Hertz Ride inspires people.

  • Motorcycles with a maximum age of 7 months or 15, 000 km
  • Pick-up the Motorcycle in one agency and drop it off in another
  • Enjoy the ride, we prepare everything for you
  • Stay at 4-star hotels, minimum
  • Tour the most incredible places
  • More than 20 locations to travel to around the world